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7 Churches - One Saviour

The Parish of Central Telford is one Parish but made up of six different Churches ... The Chapel of Christ the King, Holy Trinity, DawleySt John's LawleySt Leonards, MalinsleeSt Mary's, Ketley, River Community Church and Community Outreach in Stirchley and Brooskide . Each of these worshipping communities has its own style of worship and the best way to find out whether you might find a home in one of them is to have a look at their website (click on the links above) and come along to one of the services there!

Whilst we have a number of staff (meet them all below) , the aim is that all of us in the Central Telford Parish are equal members in the body of Jesus Christ on earth (aka the Church!) and so everyone has a part to play - however young or old, fresh to the faith or spiritual old-timer, male or female ... God doesn't worry about these things as much as people do! We'd love it for you to become part of the family of Central Telford!

Team Members

28 Mar 2015
Tim Storey
... is the Team Rector and is responsible for Holy Trinity Dawley. Married to Claire, he has two daughters a dog and delusions of being a rock guitarist. You can contact Tim by clicking here.
Janet Holmes
Janet Holmes
... is a Pioneer Minister who works in Brookside and Stirchley as a Community Minister. Her work is varied and even includes a live nativity at Christmas, complete with donkey, sheep and rat ... She is married to Geoff,  owner of four dogs two Labradors and two collies , a fitness fanatic  who is a member of  a local gym. Beware ... she boxes! You can contact Janet by clicking here.
Lee Plummer
Lee Plummer
... is the Pioneer Leader of River Community, Lawley, and looks after the outreach that happens in the Chapel of Christ the King in Meeting Point House.  He has been in church leadership for over 10 years and has a love of writing and leading contemporary worship music. You can contact Lee by clicking here.
03 Jan 2018
Heather Page
... is the Team Vicar responsible for St John's Lawley and St Mary's Ketley. She's recently joined the team and has lots of experience both in the real world as a teacher and in the Church as a Non-Stipendiary Minister looking after nearby Churches. She and her husband Richard have a barge that they escape to ...
19 Sep 2018
Eleanor Aldred
...  lives in Shrewsbury and is a member of Christ Church, Bayston Hill.  She has been married to Philip for 50 years and they have 2 sons and 3 grandchildren.  She is licensed and trained by the Lichfield Diocese as a Lay Funeral Minister and loves to come alongside bereaved families at a difficult time in their lives.
Pam Spellen
Pam Spellen
... joined the team in November 2015 as the Schools and Families Enabler. Her role is to build links between the schools in the Parish and the different activities happening in the Churches in order to grow young disciples. Pam lives in Wellington and makes a mean chocolate brownie. You can contact Pam by clicking here.
Will Price
... is the Parish Coordinator and lives in Wellington. He is married to Diana and they have four sons and a dog called Rusty that they took in from the Rescue Centre at Roden. He has been a season ticket holder at Derby County FC for the last 31 years (somebody's got to). You can contact Will by clicking here.
10 Apr 2018
Sharon Roberts
... is the Parish Administrator and lives in Dawley.  She has two daughters and a beautiful grandson.  Sharon has been the Parish Administrator for 11 years and loves chocolate. Youcan contact Sharon by clicking here.

What's Happening Soon ...

24 Dec 2018
Christmas Eve Services in Central Telford Parish