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What We Believe

Central Telford Parish is a group of communities who believe that being a Christian is about having a relationship with the God who made us (which is an amazing thought!) and that this became possible because of the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe that when we accept the idea in both our head and our heart that we need to be forgiven for this to happen, and that Jesus made it possible, we can start a new life - and that we can know God's presence in our lives through the work of the Holy Spirit.

As communities, we are seeking to deepen this relationship and to become disciples of Jesus. following the way he lived and growing to be more like him. The wonderful news is that Jesus' death on a Cross happened so that we could be forgiven for all of the wrong that we do - and the barrier between us and God has been removed completely. Death did not succeed in silencing Jesus or removing him from the world.  He is alive; and that means that his love is alive - and the Bible says that nothing can ever separate us from this love.  But this isn't an excuse for doing what we like, knowing we can get away with it! Once we know God's love,  we open up to the possibility that there is what Jesus called life in abundance ... so much more to live for and experience. And as we experience this, so begin to reflect more the life that we have in Jesus to those around us ...

In CTP, we dont think we've got there yet - far from it!!! We are communities who are travelling together, at different stages in our walk with Jesus. Some have just started, some are a little way down the track and a few have a lifetime of knowing Jesus and know they have so much more to learn! We welcome everyone, wherever they are on this journey, to share with us in knowing Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life. Please join us on our journey and yours!

What's Happening Soon ...

21 Jan 2022
Central Telford Parish Weekly Newsletter