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12 Mar 2018
“Walking The Way of the Cross” - Easter in CTP
“Walking The Way of the Cross” Easter Week in Central Telford Parish  

We would like to invite you to join us in the week before Easter as we prepare for the most important days in the life of the Church, following Jesus as he leads us to the Cross and the Empty Tomb. Our services during Holy will take us through the events from Jesus’ triumphant ride into Jerusalem, to his terrible death on the Friday and on to the glorious dawn of that first Easter Day.    Each Morning, there will be an opportunity to meet and reflect over a bacon sandwich in order to guide our steps for that day. Each Evening there will be an opportunity to gather at a different church to reflect in different ways.  

We begin our series of evening reflections on Tuesday with the story of Good Friday and an opportunity to walk the way of the cross with Jesus.  

Tuesday 27th March
7am   Easter Breakfast Reflection in Holy Trinity, Dawley
7pm   Stations of the Cross in St John’s, Lawley  

On Wednesday we will reflect on ‘betrayal, denial and doubt’ through the stories of Judas, Peter and Thomas.  

Wednesday 28th March
7am   Easter Breakfast Reflection in Holy Trinity, Dawley
7pm    ‘Betrayal, denial and doubt’ in St Mary’s, Ketley  

On Thursday we will share supper as Jesus did with his disciples and before we leave stay awake with Jesus in the garden for a while. At some point during the day, altars at each of the churches will be stripped; a symbolic action representing the humiliation of Jesus at the hands of the soldiers. Jesus life was stripped from him and so we strip the churches of signs of life.

Thursday 29th March – Maundy Thursday

7am       Easter Breakfast Reflection in Holy Trinity
6.30pm  Stripping the Altar in St John’s, Lawley
6.30pm  Stripping the Altar in St Leonard’s, Malinslee
7pm       The Last Supper in Holy Trinity, Dawley
8.30pm   Stripping the Altar in Holy Trinity, Dawley  

On Friday, there will be the usual outreach event in the morning to those who may not know the reason for a Bank Holiday, but this year it will be outside of Meeting Point House. Later there will be an hour to wait at the Cross in the afternoon and a quiet time in the evening as we remember in readings, music and prayer the death of Jesus.  

Friday 30th March – Good Friday
10.00am  Meeting Point House Event
2.00pm    Hour at the Cross at St Leonard’s, Malinslee
7.00pm    Service of Shadows in St Mary’s, Ketley    

Saturday is a quiet and empty day, a day of mourning and loss.  

Sunday is Easter morning and we celebrate! He is Risen! Hallelujah!  

Sunday 1st April Easter Sunday Celebrations
9.15am        Holy Communion at St John’s, Lawley
9.45am        Holy Communion at Holy Trinity, Dawley
10.45am      River & Springfield Celebration @ CTK
11.00am       Holy Communion at St Mary’s, Ketley
11.15am       Holy Communion at St Leonard’s, Malinslee

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