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Weddings in The Parish

Everybody loves a good wedding - including God! The story of Jesus turning water into wine takes place at a wedding and many people have pointed out the amount of water Jesus changed ... equivalent to about a thousand bottles! The moment when a couple face each other and make promises about spending the rest of their life together is a moving as well as a joyful event and it is our desire to make your special day just that - very special. Most of the wedding service is organised by the Church Office and they will always be pleased to help with any questions you may have. But we also want to help you to know the meaning of the promises you will be making and so the process of getting married begins from the moment you let us know that you would like to consider getting married in Central Telford Parish ....

Our prayer is that God will bless you in your new life together and will equip you to have the most abundant relationship possible!

First of all …. please have a look at “Weddings in CTP - Let’s Get Started”
download Weddings in CTP - Let's Get Started
If one of you has been married before, you may need to have a look at “Weddings in CTP – Our Wedding Policy”
download Weddings in CTP - Our Wedding Policy
If you’re happy with all this … then fill out the “Wedding Enquiry Form” 

Wedding Enquiry Form >
Once you’ve heard from us that the place, date and time are available, then take a look at “Weddings in CTP – Booking Your Wedding” and fill in the “Wedding Application Form”.

Wedding Application Form >
download Booking your wedding
Once you’ve done that, you need to contact Sharon who is our Parish Administrator on 01952 505108 or email so that she can arrange a time for you to come to the office which is based in Dawley Christian Centre, High Street, Dawley, Telford TF4 2RE and complete the necessary forms and see the identification mentioned in “Weddings in CTP – Booking Your Wedding”.  We look forward to seeing you soon!
To find out what happens next, take a look at “Weddings in CTP – We’re Booked in … What’s Next” and that will hopefully answer all your questions! If not … please contact us by phoning 505108 or emailing
download We're Booked - What's Next