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We are really pleased to hear that you are interested in having your child Christened (Baptised) at one of the Churches in the Central Telford Parish. We believe that Christening is an extremely important step for anyone to take because it involves making life-changing promises and so it is our desire that those involved are fully equipped to decide whether they feel able to make these promises.  So we don't book the date of a Christening until we have had a chance to do this.

We would like to invite you to our next Baptism Matters event, where you will have an opportunity to discuss the issues involved and make up your mind about what is best for you and/or your child. If you contact our Parish Office,, we will be able to tell you where and when the next course is taking place and to invite both parents (where appropriate) and the godparents to be present, so that you can talk about what this means for each of you and your child.

The sessions either happen on a Saturday morning or over a series of evenings and we promise to keep these sessions to time to help make your babysitting arrangements easier. They are a mixture of DVD, discussion and some simple interactive exercises and after the course we will give you the opportunity to respond to what we have looked at together, and we will also be able to offer possible dates for a baptism.

There is a response form which we would like you to return to Dawley Christian Centre (either by email or by post) so that we know that you are coming to the course. Being baptised means being a part of the Church family and so we want to welcome you to this family! 

We would also encourage you to come along to services in the Church where you think your child may be baptised and find out more about the community in which you and your child will grow up. Also enclosed is a sheet of “Frequently Asked Questions” which, we hope, will answer most of the questions you may have, but please feel free to contact the our Adminsitrator on 01952 505108 or by email at if you would like to know more.